On the eve of San Juan with the whole city overturned in the preparation of the bonfires and the sardines, our meeting with the people in charge of the city council took place. The meeting was attended by Mayor Xulio Ferreiro, urban regeneration Councilor Xiao Varela and Councilman of cultures, sport and knowledge, José Manuel Sande.

In the first place they were shown the exhibition beginning with the labyrinth of signs that showed the different phases of the project to understand the multidirectionality of the didactics. Then we moved to the area of ​​the model where Dani and Noa, from the group DES-PIEZA explained in a masterful way the idea of ​​the project and how to carry it out. Right after the mayor gave us a few words showing his pride for being carrying out a participatory process of architectural regeneration and even more for being explained by the children of the course of Nenoarquitectura.

Finally, there was the milestone that every architectural project must meet when working with an administration: the signing of the contract. The designing team, represented by Dani and Noa, the director of the Foundation, Silvia Longueira, and the mayor, Xulio Ferreiro, left their stamp in the area of ​​the blackboard. With this signature the project has received the momentum it needed and we are getting closer and closer to laying the foundation stone.