Summer 2017

“We sit in the sun among the thistles and project. That’s why the camp is called that way, is not it?” It’s a lot to summarize, but Alex actually caught him. We did not see the sun so much or there was too much thistle, but we did project a lot.

The truth is that, inspired by the paintings of Luis Seoane, specifically by the painting Sol and Cardos, we proposed in collaboration with the artist Isabel Pintado, a camp that delves into the concepts of color, representation of nearby elements (especially plants) and in techniques of drawing, painting and engraving. And from that starting point, we continue with the Eiron project generating a lot of ideas and graphic documentation.

It was 72 hours ago since the San Xoán Accords and we had two key projects: finishing what had not been done during the course and designing the elements of the park to propose concrete ideas. During the two weeks of the camp we formed a study team varied in terms of age and how to see and design the world. You could see the success of the experience, global and in parts, from the beginning.

We started by telling what was the EirON to the “novices”: the explanations of the veterans, the exhibition, the model and a visit to the plot made clear the intentions of the project, started the creativity of all and put us in contact with the “wild” flora and fauna of the area.

Every day began with a time of immersion in the corresponding theme: know the playgrounds, talk about flora and fauna and Gilles Clément, travel the history (real and legendary) of labyrinths, winds and their effects, learn to make technical plans and to draw outdoor architecture and work as a team, to form a multidisciplinary study.

And then, heads and hands to the work. Sometimes in a group and others individually we went forward, working and playing everything at once, which is how we like to do it.

We designed and made models and plans of the pieces/sculptures of the playground, thinking them to be used by any type of park user. We made herbaria, compiling and classifying according to sizes and sectors the plants collected and dried in the gardening workshop. We propose with models the wicker maze of access, so that it is difficult, but not impossible, to get where you want. There were even those who, on top of motivation, came to project the routes between vegetation to the viewpoints. We also mounted on a 1:10 scale windbreaker, weaving like giant basketers, and we invented a rose of the winds and flags and banners to give it even more personality. We even encouraged to leave the interior and we went on an expedition: just the day when the sun was hot we went out to draw the watchtower, but we held the sun a little and we came back to think about a use to give and do the architectural plans. But a couple of days later, the summer relaxed a bit and we were encouraged to go to the control tower, to draw the future Eiron seen from there, and even invented virtual reality craft.

Another week more and we would have almost begun the excavations. As was suspected at the beginning, a camp in the sun and among fantastic thistles.