One of the last sessions dedicated to the project #EIRÓN consisted in re-creating the model in a scale 1/5, including this time the design elements that we wanted to incorporate into the park.

After making the marking again, which included the facade of the Seoane Foundation, Military Hospital and medieval wall, a single group was made up of all the participants in Nenoarquitectura: tro-Pieza, em-Pieza and des-Pieza. Once all together they were subdivided into 6 teams assigning each one a different mission.

The objectives of each group consisted of designing the access maze, windbreak area of the roundabout, the openings in the vegetation to approach the wall and fountain, benches and playing furniture.

Finally, the illumination of the previous workshop was recreated in the model to have a complete view of the project that was becoming closer to becoming a reality.