Another of the topics to be studied in our project is lighting. For this we dedicate a complete class to understand how the light works and the different types of luminarias that are used in architecture. Also thanks to Alve Iluminación we could play with different lights through their experimentation table.

To test our idea of ​​how to illuminate the park we did a model in a 1/5 scale. For its execution we had to do a stake out of the different elements to represent using measuring tape to measure and tape of bodybuilder to mark. Once finished we incorporated several lighting lines based on bulbs that were leaning on wooden poles of different heights to get the fair effect that we were looking for.

When everything was ready we turned off the lights and suddenly the scale model came to life both for its scale and for its magical atmosphere with lighting. No doubt the project was well underway and there was little left to have the design ready.