Once the spring arrived, we organized a family day dedicated to the analysis of wild species in the lot of the project #EIRÓN. Emilia Castro Villaverde and Cristina García Fontán directed the dynamics that began with a small background knowledge. Based on the texts of Gilles Clement, we analyze how nature appropriates the wasteland over time.

For the field work, the families brought different tools of gardening like rakes, shovels or showers and the first mission was to make a herbarium with the existing species in the lot. For this, six groups were formed, assigning to each of them a zone of analysis. Once back in the foundation, we proceeded to the classification of the samples and preparation of the herbarium, carefully placing each plant in its corresponding leaf of newspaper for its later pressing.

After a well-deserved rest, the activity was resumed with the sowing of what will be our future orchard. Taking advantage of the inner green zone of the roundabout, it was divided into several sectors in the form of rose of the winds. In each sector the groups were planting seeds of diverse species like chamomile, sunflower, pumpkin, celery, etc. As homework we had to water the orchard and go checking the germination of the seeds week after week.