5 / MODEL 1/50

25.3.17 – 13.5.17

The family workshop of the second quarter of the Nenoarquitectura course of the Luis Seoane Foundation 2016-17 was intended for the construction of a model of the plot object of the project #EIRÓN in a 1/50 scale.

The work area included the plot, the adjacent old wall section, the Luis Seoane Foundation, the Third Order and a part of the Military Hospital. In order to work with the families, several working groups were made so that each one of them was provided with the drawings of each of the parts to be built.

Expanded polystyrene was chosen as the model material for its ease of cutting and the possibility of bonding with both white glue and pins. In addition, with the tro-Pieza group (5 years old), a workshop was carried out to develop vegetation, people and vehicles with cardboard to give human scale to the model. For the pieces of concrete lupo PLA was used through 3D printing in red color, which at the scale of the model measured 1cm.

During the whole morning there were professors, parents and children cutting, sorting, trimming and coloring, leaving all the pieces ready so that at the beginning of the third quarter we could undertake the assembly of the model. The tablex slats provided by Betanzos HB were very helpful in making the cuts perfectly straight.

After the spring break we returned with the assembly of the model in two sessions. In the first of them, 2 large work groups were made by mixing the members of em-Pieza and des-Pieza. In the first part of the session while some were dedicated to the assembly of the model the others moved to the plot to make drawings in the natural and after the break the works were exchange.

In the last session dedicated to the assembly of the model, the last details (and some retouching) that were left to be placed, were exclusively entrusted to the des-Pieza group. We had to trim, paste and even redo some piece and finally we got to finish all the details. The final result was spectacular although the most important part still had to be done: complete it with the design of the project.