As a preliminary step to the implementation of the overall design of the project, a dynamic of reflection was carried out on the needs program. For this, we counted on the groups em-Pieza and des-Pieza divided into subgroups.

In the first place they were asked to write in color post-it all their conclusions, concerns, doubts, etc. that they had after having done the analysis. Once this part was finished, it continued with a classification of the same by related subjects in large groups that were emerging as the proposals came out. At the end of this classification, you could visually see the resulting subjects in the form of clouds drawn on the blackboard filled with colored papers.

After the classification was made a pooling in which it was reflected on the most repeated and consensual questions. Finally, the groups were asked to come back to make general proposals both on the situation plan and in mini-models with Lupo Plot and Eco Lupo.

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