Continuing with the work of the project #EIRÓN and to get a vision as global as possible was promoted a session in which we visited some members of the Association of Neighbors of the Old City to tell us what the city was like when they were children.

The session was most entertaining and funny because they told us things like they played hide and seek all over the city even entering the houses of the neighbors, also that they played football in the Azcarraga square or that there were hardly any cars. One of the conclusions of the talk was that there was never a playground as such in the old city since the children moved freely throughout the neighborhood thanks to the absence of dangers and that all neighbors were known among them.

Coincidentally, the painter Correa Corredoira was also present at the Foundation because in those days there was an exhibition with his works, and he joined the talk by telling us his anecdotes as a child and how he and his friends were doing to get into the circus for free.

During all this time the participants did not stop asking questions of all kinds while in background there were projections of old images of the old city that also gave rise to generate new anecdotes and memories.

The session ended when one of the neighbors, Rosa Guitian, proposed to play in the courtyard of the Foundation to one of her favorite games as a girl, the handkerchief. Thanks to this dynamic began to arise other games as the hideaway or the pilla-pilla and automatically the children organized themselves perfectly between them without help of adults and without taking into account sex or age, a marvel.