13.5.2017 – 23.6.2017

During the last session of the project #EIRÓN for the construction of the model, it was carried out in parallel a dynamics to prepare the area of ​​permanent exhibition of the project.

The idea of ​​the exhibition was to convert a space of the Luis Seoane Foundation into our own architectural study in a way that would constantly reflect our work in the project. To do thist, firstly a class on the history of architectural studies was done. In this class we could see how the figure of the architect has had different considerations throughout history and how they were the first professionals who dedicated their work exclusively to design of new buildings.

Then a process of drawing the working area and classification of all the material generated up to the moment was carried out, after which a brainstorming of proposals of the exhibition was promoted. This process was carried out by the group em-Pieza and after a final conclusions in large group the space was intervened to give the form of architectural study while the model was finished.