The last session of the 2016-17 course of the Nenoarquitectura program of the Luis Seoane Foundation dedicated to the #EIRON project consisted of a family day of reflection and look behind all the work done so far.

The way to do it was a treasure hunt in which six groups had to follow the different clues to find the 7 pieces of the final map. In each track they had to pass a test related to some of the phases of the project like playing the handkerchief in the square of Santo Domingo or making drawings of the subjects of the initial analysis.

When the teams got the 7 pieces of the map and managed to correctly join their parts appeared the instructions of the final test, which was none other than to construct each letter of the word #EIRON with pieces of Super Lupo.

At the end with all the letters already built, only the final photo was left to take the well-deserved diplomas proving the work carried out throughout the course and to say goodbye until the beginning of the next one.