Project # EIRÓN was presented to the students and families of the Nenoarquitectura course of the Luis Seoane Foundation 2016-2017 on the last session in a family workshop.

In the first place a presentation of the project was made in which the characteristics and conditions of the project were made known from different points of view, such as urban, technical, social or spatial.

After this first contact we made a visit to the plot with the intention of carrying out an analysis. To do this, the participants were divided into six groups so that each one had to analyze a different theme: nature, environment, views, history, measurement and preexistence. During this phase both the parents and the students of the course were in charge of taking photographs, writing annotations, making drawings or even searching on the Internet.

The analysis concluded with a dynamic in which each group exposed to others the result of their analysis and in turn all the generated material was digitized for its registration and future exhibition. It is noteworthy that families detected several pathologies to be remedied in the project such as pavement damage, noise from hospital facilities or the invasion of the street by cars. Positive points were the views, the proximity to the wall and the natural barrier formed by the vegetation.

In order to finish the session, a challenge was raised with Super Lupo consisting of the construction of the straight pieces (O, I, L and U) to the real scale that they will have when the project is finished, that is to say, with a module of 50x50cm. This part was undoubtedly the one that liked the smallest architects because the U was built standing and was 2 meters high.


Wind studies

Study of existing vegetation