The project

What is eirON?
EirON is a participatory project that studies the possibilities of obtaining a large-scale field of play.
The name is a reference to the term eira*, not only as a workspace, but also as a form of intervention in it.

The prototype of public space is materialized in collaboration with the children, families and the experiences in similar projects of the members of the team, to generate an original project with social character.

* Eira is a galician word for the piece of land next to the home where people grind the cereals. Sometimes it is a common land for the village where neighbours work together.

Who are we?
The project is carried out through the network of an interdisciplinary team of engineers, architects, teachers, designers, industrialists and, of course, children and families.

Eiron is also the origin of the term modern irony. Like this character in the Greek comedy, children who seem to be the weak link of society are able to cope with the important problem of designing a public space based on recognizing their own strengths. How ironic!

The need for friendly public spaces is a requirement set out by the citizens through citizen participation policies, especially in the case of the old city of Coruña. This project is proposed as a practical investigation on a real case, an urban prototype that serves as first experience to apply in other parts of the city and that can be exposed to the judgment of the neighbors through an immediate implementation.

The area of application is the empty space generated after the demolition of the military building located next to the Luis Seoane Foundation in A Coruña, an area privileged by the views and the sun. This space supposes a point of rest in the route along the perimeter of the old wall.

A first phase from October 2016 to June 2017.

It is taught in 30 workshops of 2 and a half hours each Saturday, taking an annual total course of 75 hours.

During 9 months, children aged between 4 to 12 are working in the courses of Nenoarquitectura at the Luis Seoane Foundation working on the general design of the game space located next to the foundation itself.

In this first phase, 51 children and their families are divided into 3 age groups: Tropeza (4-5), Empeza (6-9) and Despeza (10-12).

Work phases

The proposal

In the words of the children involved in this process “it is a matter of creating a park of abstractions”. In reality it is a space, not only childish, for public use.

Analyzed the different conditions of the place and starting from the fact that only the preexisting hard floor is used, we project a great windbreak structure around the circular plant that will allow us to play on one side or another of the screen in the function of the dominant wind. Solutions are also proposed for the access road by rationalizing the use of the vehicle.

From that base, the rest of the intervention will be designed following the principles of gardening exposed in the corresponding classes, following criteria of low maintenance cost and without losing the educational and didactic aspect of the project. There will be ornamental, productive and wild.

Finally architectures will be projected with the placement of the concrete blocks generated from Lupo pieces of 50x50x50 cm of base module taking advantage of the surplus material of manufacturing processes. Assembly of the different pieces of play and urbanization of the space are projected: castles, tables, benches, litter bins etc. Various artists, artisans and companies will join the project, which will enrich the project with contributions focused on the participation of the smallest: from the design of a luminaire to the layout and choice of the different plant elements through the perimeter enclosure of the space.

Everything is susceptible of being rethought by the little ones. All elements of the park are design and learning opportunities.

1. Wind protection
2. Wind rose
3. Elements that play with the wind
4. Pre-existing vegetation
5. Gaming pieces
6. Adapted places
7. Green zone